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Why the Ninja in Small Business Ninja? Because in today’s difficult economic climate, small businesses need to get aggressive to survive financially. While we don’t participate in loaning or funding businesses directly, we do provide all the tools and information any small business needs to secure the funds they need to move forward and to expand, rather than contract, in these uncertain financial times.

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Alternative Lending Options: What Small Businesses Know About Their Choices

Even though many in the media and industry insiders continue to pound the table on unique kinds of finance including crowdfunding most small enterprises remain uninformed current choices.

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More than likely these kinds of smalls businesses are usually much too busy running their firms and paying bills to know about stock loans along with other choices.

From a recent survey interviewing 1400 small business proprietors, about sixty percent of SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) proprietors don’t believe there are ample funding opportunities on the market and about 65% think there has been no change throughout the past 12 months. These kind of numbers are indicative of a knowledge gap among companies in search of capital and opportunities to increase capital.

Lots of small company owners that have acquired conventional loans observe concern relating to crowdfunding and alternative lending options. More than 45 percent of survey-takers are uncertain of the risks, another 20 percent don’t understand the technology involved with the alternative sources and approximately twenty percent note they tend not to have faith in them.

About 15% believe that alternate lenders are usually too tricky, while many have fears about their company failing with non-traditional financing solutions. The clear vast majority still utilize the standard approach of savings, credit cards as well as the occasional bank loan. While the availability of stock loans, international stock loans, hard money loans and other types of alternate financing are is becoming more readily available, many businesses simply do not know that these funding sources are options they should explore.

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Small business owners today have more assorted possibilities now than in the past with regards to financing their business. Nonetheless, there’s a gap between just what’s attainable and the perception among small companies that the financing atmosphere has not improved. Even though regular business financing loans are tough to secure, small businesses continue to be likely to rely on them. This article gets right to the point on this.

For business owners who took the alternative financing course, close to 40 percent did that since they did not qualify for typical bank financing. More than 28% searched for non-traditional lending because they wanted a modest short-term loan, while twelve percent appreciated the quick access and convenience of alternative lending solutions.

The study additionally showed that when small companies obtained alternative funding, the sums they borrowed varied a great deal. At least 44% borrowed $15,000 or less. Others focused higher, with approximately 22% borrowing $60,000 or more.